Performance Art. Glamdrogyny. Freelance Services.

Glitterfist Productions is the brainchild of genderqueer performance art shapeshifter, writer, and producer Bree Zilla, conceived as not just home to their body of work and the services they provide but also as an emerging production company focused on creating and supporting the work of feminist, LGBTIQ and gender diverse artists. Bree has a background of twenty years in theatre and dance and seven years experience in professional arts practice. This experience has allowed them to develop extensive skills in not just performance art but also in copywriting, editing, social media marketing, grant writing and in workshopping and developing the creative work of others. Bree is happy to consult on a variety of projects and now offers these services in a freelance capacity.


Bree has built a reputation for their three performance personas, whether enchanting you as their glamdrogynous drag deity Glitterfist, electrifying drag king Ziggy Discoballs, or bizarre burlesque siren Little Skink, their imagination runs wild, dragging the audience with them into bizarre and debauched fantasies. Bree's bold theatrical style has seen them named as the Australian Burlesque Festival’s Baby Bombshell of 2012, and the winner of So You Think You Can Drag Melbourne 2015, and Bree is also the producer, writer and director of the successful cult cabaret Glitterfist: Libertine as part of Midsumma Festival 2018, and Radical Rituals in 2019. They have spread their gender bending blur of smut and glitter across numerous shows including Taylor Mac's 24-Decade History of Popular Music, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Midsumma Festival, Oz Kink Fest, Gaytimes Festival, Found Festival, MAX FREAK, Honcho Disko, and Perth International Burlesque Festival. Bree has recently turned their focus toward writing, directing and developing full length productions that continue to expand their passion for exploring gender and sexuality though performance. Whether in drag or high femme drag, Bree’s subversive humour and flair for the unexpected will draw you into a world of surreal seduction.

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