Channelling the powers of Divine Androgyny, Glitterfist has spread their filthy-tongued, gender bending blur of perversion, smut and glitter across events including Gaytimes Festival, Honcho Disko, MAX FREAK, Freaky Sexy Weird, Found Festival, The Glitter & Doom Salon, and Ball of Wax. 


Surrender as their words playfully draw you into a sensual and lascivious journey of vibrant draglesque striptease, celebrating bizarre beauty and ambiguity. Glitterfist’s subversive humour and twisted eroticism will gleefully drag you right down into the gutter, diving headfirst into a menacing world of surreal seduction.

Listen to Glitterfist's draglesque stories...

Performing Sex Rave @ MAX FREAK III

Performing Storytelling @ Freaky Sexy Weird

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