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This video is something special (and super hot!) from the vault that very few eyes have seen. Glitterfist emerged out of a special project that I debuted for Found Festival (Found Power Babes) in 2015. It started as a tale of Glitterfist joining forces with three glorious visions of femme power, inspired by three dear muses in my life, my beloved friends, passionate erotic activist Freckles Blue, rock n roll badass Shirley Strumpet, and compassionate and lion hearted Tania Perez.

Through distilling the energies of my friends into deity characters I found my voice again which I had kept silent for a long time. And with them Glitterfist poured out of me, a vision of my genderqueer heart painted in broad vibrant brush strokes. It's only through writing and performing Glitterfist in the time since that I've come to better understand this character I created, that is both a part of me but also a manifestation of something bigger - the power of fierce femmes, gender rebels, trans-formers and beautiful queerdos, their pleasure and courage, and the strength and inspiration that I draw from being surrounded this a diverse, tough, supportive community and powerful force of nature.

But that support, inspiration and love started with these three women who brought to life my words and were later joined by the incredible talents of Jacinta Oaten (and kickass helper Alex!), who worked her arse off transforming this extended performance piece into a short film Glitterfist Apocalypse. This involved filming, nearly naked in very compromising positions and freezing conditions literally at dawn on Anzac Day at Fairfield Amphitheatre, much to the surprise of early morning joggers! Getting into drag at 3.30am! Convincing people in bars to volunteer for cigarette burns!

I’m forever grateful for Shirley, Freckles, Tania, Alex and Jacinta for their encouragement, hard work and creativity. Now I've learned more about who I am, who Glitterfist is and I'm ready to start the next ambitious chapter in my journey for Midsumma Festival next year. But before I announce my latest project, I want to share where it all started with this love letter to three bold, caring and fierce people whom I adore and whose collaboration allowed me to grow as an artist, to learn to be brave enough to speak from my gut and to be bold enough to bring my vivid fantasy world to life. I love you babes.

Photography: Jacinta Oaten

Glitterfist Apocalypse

Written/Directed: Bree Zilla

Director of Photography: Jacinta Oaten

Choreography: Shirley Strumpet

#performanceart #drag #burlesque #genderqueer #film #glitterfist #glitterfistapocalypse #foundfestival #feminist #inspiration

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